Sowing the Seeds

 What I'm growing this year in the new garden - 2014 

Here I will share what I am planning to grow in my garden.  I will update this page on a monthly basis.  UP-DATED 3 April 2014

Beetroot Family - Chenopodiaceae
Beetroot Chioggia x 16
Beetroot Detroit 2 x 24

Spinach Perpetual Spinach Beet x 8
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Chard White Silver 2 x 8
ChardBright Lights  x 8
Rhubarb Chard x 8
Golden chard x 24

Cabbage Family - Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)
Broccoli Sprouting White x 3
Broccoli Sprouting Early Purple x 8
Brokali Apollo x 12 (from Marks Veg Plot)
Baby Broccoli Matsuir x 12 (from Marks Veg Plot)

Cauliflower Violet Queen x 8
January King x
Kale Nero di Toscana x 20
Kale Afro
Dwarf Green Kale x 24 (from Little Black Fox)

Kohlrabi Azure Star x 12
Turnip Baby Type Atlantic x 10
Carrot Family - Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)

Fennel Finale x 12

Daisy Family - Asteraceae (Compositae)
Mixed Lettuce (from Gardening Bren)

Marrow Family - Curcubitas
Courgette Tristar x 9
Goldie Courgette x 4
Courgette Siesta x 3 (Little Black Fox)
Courgette Bolognese x 2
Climbing Trombocino x  8(from Gardening Bren)
Squash Uchiki Kuri x 3

Onion Family - Alliaceae
Leek Musselburgh

Pea and Bean Family - Legumes
Borlotto Rampicante x 14 
Broad Bean Masterpiece x 10
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean x 1(from Gardening Bren)
Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia x 10
Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen x 10
Dwarf French Bean Major x

Golden Sweet Mangetout x 24 (Little Black Fox)

Fagiolo Nero 11
Pea Meteor x 22
Potato Family - Solanaceae
Charlotte Potatoes
Maris Peer Potatoes
Chilli Pepper Hot Chilli Shake x 4

Tomato Golden Pear lx 6
Tomato Ailsa Craig x 12
Tomato Moneymaker x 12
Tomato Red Cherry Super Sweet x 6
Tomato Russion Blac x 10 (from Marks Veg Plot)
Tomato Stupice x 10 (from Marks Veg Plot)
Salad Leavs
Lollo Rossa

Companion Flowers
Lupins Russel MixSunflower Giant Single x 5
Sunflower Fashioned Mix x 23 (from Gardening Bren)
Nasturtium Peach Melba x 8
Sweet Peas x 25
Dayglow Nasturtium x 2
Basil Bush (from Marks Veg Plot)
Apple Tree
Pear Tree
Plum Tree
Blueberry Bush
Rhubarb and Strawberry Patch
Raspberries and much more to come...


  1. Great selection-all the best with them and here's to a productive year!!

  2. Wow, quite the selection. Looking forward to seeing the process. PS - that strawberry looks brilliant. Still flavourful? Usually when they get that big they're just ok.

    1. I remember the strawberry bursting with flavour. I will have to pick some more runners, as the ones i have are El Santa and I am not so keen on them.

  3. Really useful, thank you. Can't wait to see how different varieties compare for germination rate, yield etc.

  4. Oh gosh, what a lovely range of things! Do you grow your fennel and brassicas in your spring / summer? In Sydney I grow them in our autumn /winter. But I guess the climate is quite different! I too grow pansies and sunflowers in my veg patch, I cant imagine a summer without arms and arms full of sunflowers to bring inside.

    1. Thanks GardenGlut.
      I sow them according the packet instructions and so them now and tend to harvest late summer/early autumn, expect for some brassicas that go on into the winter. I've grown fennel in pots before too. I agree a veg patch without sunflowers, oh no...

  5. All that's going to keep you quite busy in the garden Shaheen! Hope it all goes well. Thanks for sharing the link with your friend littleblackfox; I joined her followers because it was such an interesting blog and now she's joined mine too. Networking at its best! Happy planting!

    1. Thanks Sensory Dragon.
      I am hoping it will. My father has also acquired a new allotment, so we have been helping him out a little. He needs to get his tatties in soon.

      So glad you visited littleblackfox. I have been reading her blog a long while, she's become a good friend, albeit through blogging and e mails. She has always been most kind to me and uplifting my spirits when they are down.

  6. I am trying for the first time to grow some herbs and as I'm really enjoying it, I was thinking about growing strawberries and after that...who knows? Lovely blog you have! Beautiful pictures.

    1. Thak you so so much for your lovely comment. Good luck with the herb growing, that is how I got into growing, then came the veg.

  7. Well, I missed this post!! Fantastic line up of seeds and so so hope you have good success. I found blauhilde to be a wonderful bean so am sorry it is crossed off. Fortex though, is the best..from young to mature, always tender and prolific. Yum!!

    The Chinese Kale was new to me this year (so pleased you are growing them from the seeds I sent)...delicious with a touch of bitter taste..we liked it. Reading online (this is how we prepared them a few nights ago), sauté the stems first for two/four minutes then add the leaves...a bit of sesame oil, tamari, ginger and garlic...simple greens full of health.

    1. Thanks GardeningBren.
      I grew Blauhilde fab too, but either the seed was too old or the weather got it. Many of the seeds you sent me are germination, esp the lazy housewife one - love the name. Looking forward to seeing the Chinese kale stretch from the soil!

  8. I am making your mushroom scotch egg recipe for our family NYE feast. We all love mushrooms and they go well with eggs. Will you post ,ore recipes? I am going to start my first veg patch in 2013 so will keep an eye on your blog.

  9. Hi Lorna thanks for your lovely comment. If you go on the home page, see top tabs - you will note that i am posting blog entries. Ihope that some of these will be of my growing ventures in 2013. I hope the Scotch eggs turn out good for you. I created some Welsh Eggs for St David's Day this year and have not got round to posting them, will do so soon, if not it will be around March. Happy New Year to you.


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