Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cherry Tomato, Sweetcorn and Coriander Salsa

Oh I know Friday is the start of the weekend for many people, but this week for me its Saturday.

I am looking forward to tucking into this super easy Cherry tomato, Sweet corn and Coriander Salsa later on. 
Now all I have to do is try and decide what movie to watch?!  

Cherry Tomato, Sweetcorn and Coriander Salsa
Makes a big bowlful to share with others
1 x 400g Suma Cherry Tomatoes in Rich Tomato Juice
4 tablespoons of Jalapenos from a Jar including juice
Small handful of fresh coriander
1 small can of sweetcorn, drained and rinsed
Salt and pepper to taste
In a food blender or processor, whizz the first three ingredients briefly, decant into a large bowl. Stir in the sweetcorn and season to taste, stir well to combine.  
Allow to sit for 30 minutes before tucking in Mexican style with tortilla chips.  
As a member of the Suma Bloggers Network, I will receive a selection of complimentary products every two months, to use in recipe development and will blog original recipes for the Network.  

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Old Fashion Lemon Tofu Cheesecake

The vegan cheesecake recipes that are appearing all over blogophere are made with soaked cashew nuts or vegan cream cheese, but I have been making this old fashion vegan cheesecake with tofu for a while.  And what's more, it is no cook too.  

When you tuck into this Lemon Tofu cheesecake, please don't go trying to compare it to the dense, rich dairy version.  This one is very different, yet it delivers on flavour and textures. 
I've made this No Cook Cheesecake in the past with a vegan strawberry jelly topping in the shape of hearts, this time though I decided to stud it simply with some glace cherries.  
My husband wasn't too sure as to why I made this vegan cheesecake, especially as we have a couple of tubs of dairy cream cheese in the fridge, but the truth is I was prompted to make this recipe for one of the cutest girls I have ever met in my life.  She has the most infectious giggle that sets you off to a good day.  She goes by the pseudonym Tequila Mockingbird.  I hope she approves of this old fashion Lemon Tofu Cheesecake.  

Monday, 23 March 2015

Southern Style Okra Gumbo

In an attempt to blog about food, I scanned through my food photograph on-line file and found this Southern Style Okra Gumbo that I had forgot to blog about.  I had made it some time last year when okra was in season.   
I could be really cheeky and call this a Welsh Gumbo just because it was made in Wales, but I won't take liberties, but it is vegan that much I must highlight. The recipe is adapted from the charming American Soul Food Chef Charita Jones, also known as Momma Cherri.  I have written about Momma Cherri before on my blog - see here when I made her awesome Sweet Potato Pies.

I have not always enjoyed eating okra also known as lady fingers due to its gelatinous and viscous texture, but over the years I have to enjoy it, especially when cooked right, especially when fried to crispness.    Well this is another okra recipe that got my firm approval.